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  • Malton Web Design Website - iPad View

    Making stunning 3D views

    Today we’ve been playing with some new Photoshop Actions courtesy of the team at Essentially the guys at PSD Covers have done all the hard work and created Photoshop Actions so that users like me can simply put together a 2D Design and convert it into something like the iPad view above.  Other views […]

  • Logging into WordPress

    To log into your WordPress website is pretty simple. Follow the steps below to log into your own WordPress site. Follow these steps to log into WordPress In your browser address bar type in your domain name and add “/wp-admin” at the end of it. e.g. Press the Enter key to go to that address. […]

  • Editing a WordPress page

    Editing and Adding a page with your WordPress website is a common task. Follow the steps below to add or edit you own page on your own WordPress site. Follow these steps to add a WordPress Page From the Dashboard hover your mouse down the left hand menu to “Pages” and choose “All Pages” from […]

  • Wordpress 3 Dashboard

    WordPress makes updating websites easy

    WordPress is our Content Management System (CMS) of choice when it comes many of our client sites. We’ve been creating sites with WordPress since our early days of blogging and have watched its development flourish and grow to evolve into one of the most popular CMS with millions of users worldwide. We love it for […]

  • Ecommerce MagentoGo Wordpress Bespoke Solutions

    Ecommerce on a smaller scale

    If your business needs to sell online but doesn’t have that many products to manage then a full scale package like Magento can be too much.

    In these circumstances we’ll find the right package for you and train you to use it.