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  • Malton Web Design Dog

    Malton Web Design Dog

    Introducing the Malton Web Design Dog Working from home means we take a tea break in the garden and can quickly checkup on the plants in the greenhouse.  I forgot that this handsome fella has been keeping guard of the chillies for us.  His “W” tag is now an “M” for Malton Web Design thanks to […]

  • Free photos - Mac from Unsplash

    Finding free online photos

    Images are an important part of your website content. Sometimes you don’t have the budget for using expensive stock photography. We suggest some free alternatives.

  • The Latest Word

    Neglecting our own site

    As our clients will know, I’m constantly badgering them to keep websites up to date. It seems it’s a case of “do what I say and not what I do” because we’ve managed to not blog in over a month! Now that I’ve given myself a slap on the wrist I’ll quickly give you a […]

  • Google Analytics Week 1

    Who is visiting your website?

    Everyone wants to improve website visitor numbers!

    The first thing we ask is “How many visitors are you getting right now?”

    Worryingly some websites still have no statistics integrated so you have no measure of who’s visiting your website and where they are coming from?

  • Google Results - York SEO

    Three rules to help maintain your website rank

    Every so often a client will ask why they are not ranking as highly as they once were. The answer is usually quite simple.  To climb the web rankings is one thing, but to maintain that rank means keeping up the hard work.  It takes dedication and a little investment to keep your website scoring […]

  • Malton Web Design Portfolio iPad

    Getting to the top of Google in your local area

    So you have a business and a website. (If you don’t have a website yet call us now!) Before any online venture you should be thinking about the next important question… “Can my business be found easily using a search engine like Google?” Getting to the top of Google searches Top would be brilliant! You definitely want your […]