Our use of Cookies

The Cookie Law

The Cookie Law was introduced on 26th May 2012.

Initially that European wide law stated that a website should specifically ask each visitor if they accepted the use of cookies when they visited.   One week before the law was introduced it was amended so that sites now only need to tell users whether or not cookies are used.

We use Google Analytics on all our sites.  It tracks each user by IP address.  We do that so we can measure interesting statistics like, how many people visited the website, what website they came from, where in the country they are, what device they used, etc…

By using our website there is implied consent that each visitor agrees to this.  It’s pretty much standard throughout the entire internet.


There was a lot of debate about the Cookie Law and in our opinion it’s a massive waste of time and energy. It also seems to have made no impact over the past year. (written in April 2013)

Avoiding Cookies

There are ways and means to avoid being tracked on the internet,  and if that’s what you want to do then it’s quite possible.  Most modern browsers have a “privacy” mode which block tracking.

If you don’t want cookies to track you then a good place to start is by using Firefox Private Browsing or Google Chrome’s Incognito modes.

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