Problem linking Google Nexus to Android ADT Bundle for Run Configurations

Google Nexus won’t show in Run Configuration

I’ve been following some early tutorial lessons in Android app building and been developing in Eclipse with ADT Bundle (Android Developers Tools).

When it came to testing on my new project I wanted to use my own Google Nexus 4 because using the emulator is just too slow. However, I couldn’t get my phone to appear in the run configurations.

My phone had been properly setup with the correct Development options I’d enabled USB debugging, but still no joy.

It turned out to be a Windows 7 driver issue. Here’s what I did to resolve the issue.

  • plugged in the phone to the computer via my USB cable
  • opened the device manager
  • noted the Nexus4 entry and right-clicked to update driver
  • chose the sdk\extras\google\usb_driver folder
  • udpated the driver

Once that was done I restarted the sdk\tools\Monitor.bat option to check that the device was now available.

I then had a permissions verification question on my phone asking if access was ok, clicked yes and could then proceed with setting up and running my Run Configuration.

Little video showing me fix the issue

While starting to figure out Android App development using the ADT bundle on Windows 7 – I had a problem using my Google Nexus 4 in Eclipse Run Configurations. This is how I solved it, the problem being an incorrect USB Driver.

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