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  1. Search for a local electrician

Search for a local electricianMention SEO to most folks and eyes instantly glaze over.

Explaining how “HTML markup can improve your SERPs”… Yawn!!!

But mention that this can increase profits and bingo – your see why it makes financial sense to invest in SEO work.

I’m currently running an SEO campaign for a local electrician that we recently created a brand new website for.  Our goal is to achieve page 1 results for local Google searches.

Using this work as an SEO Case Study I’m blogging about some of the work I carry out to kick-start these improvements, so here’s my day by day checklist so far.

Week 1 / Day 1

  • Added Google Analytics account
  • Added Google Places / Google+ pages
  • Added to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Added WordPress SEO plugin and start to tweak each page for SEO results
  • Added Rich Snippet / Google Authorship verification / WordPress Author
  • Submitted Index pages to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Fetch site as Google
  • Added Company Rich Snippets for extra search information

All the implementation above has just been completed so I expect no results yet, and the Google+ Business page PIN number has not arrived yet, so we can’t properly link up the blog posts, but…

Results on Monday 23/09/2012:

(checked using / IE9 – not logged in / from random IP addresses)

Key phrases

“malton electrician” – page 7
“electrician malton” – page 7
“electrical contractors malton” – page 5

We’re not featuring on page one of the Google Maps list either – but I expect that to change with the Google+ PIN, and regular blogging.

Results : Expected poor results

Theses poor results are expected because this is a brand new site.  Over the next few days and weeks I’ll be tweaking the site further and will ensure regular blogging starts to bump the site upwards.

The aim is to increase enquiries to the client, generating work and profit.

Week 1 / Day 2

  • New blog post added with keywords set
  • Listed business with Bing (easier if you’re in the USA!)
  • Addressed html markup with WordPress theme changes – tags on images / title length / target SEO terms

Listing your business with Bing is straight forward… if you live in the USA!

In the UK however, Microsoft and Yahoo use a 118 Listings company.  You register your business with them, and they will call back to verify your business.  This is probably open to abuse (and is why Google changed their own policy now sending out PIN numbers by post).   Maybe the USA method will come to the UK soon! Here’s the link where you can sign up –

Results on Tuesday 23/09/2012:

(checked using / IE9 – not logged in / from random IP addresses)

Key phrases

malton electrician – page 4
electrician malton – page 5
electrical contractors malton – page 2

Results : We’re improving

It’s only been a day and we’re already improving! There’s still lots to do and we’ll keep on posting over the following days to show you how our SEO work succeeds.

Week 2 / Day 1

We’ve added two new blog stories with some well chosen keywords. We’ve also ensured that our HTML validates properly (there were some errors that were fixed)

We’re keeping a constant eye on our position and are starting to refine the WordPress to be properly SEO compliant.

Key phrases

malton electrician – page 2
electrician malton – page 4
electrical contractors malton – page 1 position 1 for maps

Results : More improvement

After a week we’ve seen some real improvement in our ranking.  We’ll spend the next few days ensuring we deliver a website that is speedy and SEO efficient, while also concentrating on adding valuable content.  At the same time we’ll start to apply our conversion goals to the website – we’d like to lead all visitors to contact the client.

Week 2 / Day 3

Now we’re getting technical.  We’ve been tweaking the “WP Super Cache” settings, added a WordPress plugin to minify our javascript & CSS (Better WordPress Minify) so that we’re delivering the site in under a second ( according to Pingdom online tool).  Speed is a factor when it comes to search results and even though we’re using a shared server to host this site – we eek out the very best performance we can.  The Pingdom results say that we’re faster than 90% of other sites online.

Key phrases

malton electrician – page 1 / page 2 (depending on browsers & locations)
electrician malton – page 2
electrical contractors malton – page 1 position 1 for maps

Results : Starting to get places

We’re now starting to toy with Google page 1 results and that will soon mean some actual clients looking for electrical services will start to find the website.  As always, we’ll continue to add content and try to guide the website visitors to the contact pages.

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