The Yorkshire SEO experiment – Introduction

This year we’re going to blog all our techniques showing you how to get to the front page of search engine results like Google in your field.  We’re going to create a fake small plumbing business which will actually make the task a lot more difficult because Google won’t be able to verify our business.  We’re still confident that we can gain front page search results creating successful leads for our business.  

To make this a even more tricky we will base our make believe plumbing business in Leeds, UK.   The city is the third largest in England with a population of almost 800,000, making it a very competitive market and with the city of Bradford very close by and surrounding towns, we are marketing to well over a million people.

Our SEO Experiment Scenario

Company Name : Leeds Plumbing Direct
Company Type : Plumber
Location : Leeds / Bradford / West Yorkshire
Population : 1 million+
Competition Level : Very High

Typical brief of a new company

We’ve setup a new plumbing business in Leeds. We do not have a website or any social media outlets. We are looking to start a site and gain some traction on Google.

When we Google “plumber in Leeds”, we’d like to be part of those first page results. But currently we have no website so we don’t appear anywhere!

How should we start?

Our first steps

Well, you’ve hired us :) Here are the normal steps we take to get you online.

  • first, get a domain name
  • create a basic portfolio website,
  • highlight all your services on the website to inform your potential customers

Once in place we’ll encourage you to blog weekly about your business, then share that continuing story all around using some social networks that we’ll setup for the company.  It is this content that will be key to gaining decent search engine results online.

We first needs a domain name.  We’ve chosen  (To those in the know, you’ll notice that we’ve actually chose the domain and created a sub-domain.  This is simply for our own purposes as we can also create other town specific domains in the future without have to buy new domains)

The website

There are way too many avenues to discuss about the structure of a website, so for this introduction we’ll simply say that we’ve created a self hosted WordPress website on a shared hosting solution.  From here we may discuss and show how we upgrade to a faster and more secure solution.

You can visit the site here :

Part 2

To measure our success or failure – we need to know how many visitors we get to the website?  That’s what we’ll setup in the next part of our blog.

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