Who is visiting your website?

We’d all like to improve visitor numbers to our website, but where do you start?

The first step is grabbing some useful data about your current website.  The first question we ask an SEO client is “How many visitors are you getting right now?”

Worryingly some websites still have no statistics reported so there is no measure of who’s visiting your website and where they are coming from?

We use Google Analytics

All our clients are given access to Google Analytics which is a free tool supplied by Google.  It measures hundreds of different statistics about each of your website visitors.

Among them are:

  • Users IP Address
  • The location your visitors are from
  • How each visitor found your website (from Google, Bing or another site)
  • What pages they visited
  • How long the spent on each page
  • Which devices they used (desktop, smartphone, etc…)

Once up and running you can quickly establish a lot of information about your website and then move on to the tasks for Search Engine Optimisation.  It’s then easy to show actually how your website is improving.

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