Derwent Dog Walkers

    1.  Derwent Dog Walkers

      Jim Ferguson started his dog walking business in 2015 and required a website that both highlighted his services, and managed to get the business noticed locally online.

      Starting a business from scratch is a daunting process, and although there are other dog walking services available locally,  our SEO investigation revealed not many have their own dedicated website.

      This meant that with a well designed and regularly updated website, Derwent Dog Walkers should return good search results locally, without much more SEO required.  Try it!  Search “Dog Walking in Malton”.

      We built a site with the following attributes:

      • new responsive website
      • services section
      • contacts page
      • social media links

      With regular updates to the website & Derwent Dog Walkers on Instagram, Jim keeps his website up to date and promotes his business with some great pictures.

      Visit the site here at